Real Estate

At Ossi Withers, P.A., we understand that real estate is one of your most valuable investments and are committed to helping you acquire, develop and protect that investment. Whether it's helping you buy your first home, acquire additional office space, develop a commercial project, refinance to obtain a better rate or cash for a special project, or assisting with the purchase or sale of a home, our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys are here to help. 

Our firm is happy to assist property owners, developers, and managers in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Transactions

    • Preparation of Purchase and Sale Contracts

    • Contract Review

    • First Time Buyers

    • New Home Sales

    • Commercial and Residential Closings

    • Refinances

    • Real Estate Development

    • Tax Planning in Relation to Real Estate Transactions

    • Financing of Real Estate Transactions

  • Real Estate Litigation

    • Residential and Commercial Foreclosure

    • Easement & Deed Restrictions

    • Boundary Disputes

    • Ad Valorem Tax Issues

    • Nuisance & Trespass

Getting Started

The longer you let a problem with a tenant or investment property linger, the more time, money and property value the owner risks losing.  Contact our office at 352.692.4888 to schedule a time to speak to one of our attorneys.